Monday, May 14, 2007

The re-start of the Internet

If there was a word to define the actual state of the Internet I would say that word would be Uroboros. The word represents a snake eating its own tail though meaning the continuous evolution and restarting of things. Because, in the case of the Internet, what we are experiencing right now is the beginning of a new era, and will repeat itself against the early times when it was supposed to be the way to discover new things. In fact the new things are still there to be discovered while what we really need right now is that things discover us.
Through the use of discovery technology, the Internet will become a place where you’ll be able to find new friends, discover new tastes, enter places that you never thought you would like, navigate through worlds you didn’t think exist. We’re talking about rebirth because what’s there today has become boring and equally identified by everyone. Hence the need for new places to go and explore. But what we really need, what people really like, is that someone points the way to the fastest, easiest and funniest experience online. Your favorite book, your favorite song, your favorite video but nonetheless something that you really like that you don’t yet know about.